Welcome to We Are Acvian, a series of dialogues with the company’s key players. These conversations introduce you to our internal talents, their expertise, and professional values – the fundamental components of Acvian’s commitment to delivering exceptional Employer of Record (EOR) service you can trust with confidence. From the intricacies of day-to-day work to insightful tips for existing/potential client companies, from personal approaches to work-life balance to dos and don’ts in international HR, payroll, and business expansion – our guests have plenty to share. We invite you to take a look behind the scenes for a transparent and many-sided perspective on how Acvian EOR is run – by people and for people.

Doing initial research on EOR providers, you may notice that management is not typically at the forefront of their marketing efforts. This is especially true for companies that heavily rely on tech-based performance and assure clients that software and digital tools alone can support, if not replace, effective managers. While technological solutions are increasingly turning from nice-to-haves to must-haves, they are only as good as people who utilize these – in the absence of strong management, the digital facade collapses. When you team up with Acvian, you gain access to solutions fueled by skillful leadership, effective management, and strategic decision-making. 


Meet Eva Kanovska, an accomplished specialist in Finance with remarkable 25 years of expertise currently operating as Chief Financial Officer at Acvian. In the early days of her career, Eva was in charge of Accounting at Xerox Czech Republic, transitioned to the role of Finance Manager in logistics in half a decade, and further advanced to General Manager at Hodlmayr Czech Republic, belonging to a globally leading group of companies specializing in transportation, logistics, and automotive industry.

Eva’s relentless pursuit of change, new challenging projects, and professional fields to explore led her to cooperate with Acvian in autumn 2022 and join officially in early 2023, bringing along her exemplary skills in Finance and managerial background to the EOR field. In less than a year’s time, Eva has established administrative and accounting principles in the company. Currently, she is busy implementing investment strategies and refining internal processes to make Acvian an
ISO-certified provider in the near future. In this interview, Eva explains the connection between internal management and the quality of service delivered to end clients in EOR and shares her perspective on maintaining work-life balance in a 100% remote environment.


Welcome, Eva! We’ve given our readers a glimpse of your remarkable professional background, but let’s put it in your own words to make sure nothing’s amiss. What do you consider your standout strengths, and how are you applying them in the relatively new realm of EOR?


It’s my pleasure to be here, talking to you. I’d say, Finance has been the main focus throughout my career, and I’ve been enthusiastic and meticulous about structurization, establishment of accounting principles, and cost efficiency. Moreover, I’ve been working alongside teams of various scales for over two decades. At one point, I managed 300 people! Creating and maintaining connections, horizontal and vertical, internal and external alike, is an essential part of professional leadership, and I have a significant amount of experience in this. Among other managerial skills that I find equally useful in any professional field, Employer of Record included, are strategic thinking and the ability to analyze and forecast. It is true that EOR is a fresh field, and it demands agility, effective coordination, and strategic planning. I’m thrilled by the progress we’ve made at Acvian, and optimistic about upcoming projects and accomplishments.


That’s a great mindset! As we know, today’s efforts define tomorrow’s success. Could you briefly walk us through your day-to-day scope of work at Acvian?


I supervise investment projects and budgeting, manage the financial flow, and ensure timely invoicing and payments among all parties engaged: client companies, local partners, and external affiliates. At our Czech Republic subsidiary, I hold a managerial position, oversee accounting processes, and maintain compliance with taxation and migration laws to ensure our service on-site is up to scratch. An important part of my responsibilities is establishing a stable and reliable reputation for the company with the labor office and other on-site administrative bodies. This directly influences the long-term quality of services we provide to end clients. On a large scale, I am in charge of investment strategy and process standardization.


Any major milestones for Acvian to expect in the near future?


We are currently systematizing internal processes and working towards the acquisition of the ISO certificate for Quality Management Systems, and I will be taking charge of this important project. Verification by a competent and globally acknowledged third party means top-quality service is guaranteed, so I am looking forward to this achievement. ISO certification will provide our present and future clients with extra peace of mind when choosing Acvian over other providers.


Looking forward to it, too! Now, as someone who has worked around people for decades, how are you personally finding a remote-first environment?


I’ll be honest – it was very challenging at first, and I felt socially alienated after years of on-site collaboration. Over time, I have managed to accept the fact that this is the new reality, and it requires new channels for social interaction. Meanwhile, remote has changed my personal style of work – I’ve become my own supervisor instead of relying on external assistance, manage my workflow independently, and master new software or accounting systems by self-teaching. It requires a lot of coordination and mindful time management, so I consider remote work an opportunity to advance these skills.


And how do you fulfill your need for social connection and interaction?


Apart from remote interaction with the Acvian team, I connect to people and the world in general through my hobbies. I have many passions – from fitness routines such as yoga and pilates to more secluded pastimes like gardening or exploring history, culture, and architecture. On vacations, I travel. One of the most memorable trips was to Kenya: I spent one week in different national parks, slept in tents and was in contact with nature 24 hours a day. It was amazing – a return to the essence of life.

For a really long time, I’ve been partaking in socially oriented activities: volunteering and contributing to the education of migrant children or children from disadvantaged backgrounds. Now that I can work from anywhere at any time, I enjoy these activities like never before, dedicate my time accordingly, and get fulfillment from organizing my own life. I work with ADRA Czech Republic (Adventist Development and Relief Agency), a well-known international organization.

Talking about work-life balance, it’s important to understand that everyone fills the ‘life’ cup of the scale in their own way. For me, the balance is maintained when I contribute to the community, am around people, and share my knowledge and experience.


Well-said! Are there any plans you’d like to share regarding your hobbies or personal interests?


Currently, my big ambition is to transfer the accumulated expertise to the younger generation – I’m considering to take on a teaching position at a private university in Prague that focuses on connecting theory with practice, an approach that fits me just right. I’m excited about this opportunity to be around young and motivated people and to share my knowledge of Accounting and Corporate Finance with students.


To wrap up, what message do you have for present and future clients of Acvian?


Expect great outcomes of the ISO standardization soon, and choose a team of experienced professionals who constantly accumulate and exchange knowledge to deliver an outstanding EOR service.


Thank you, Eva, and thanks to readers who’ve reached the end of our conversation. 


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