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Connect with us in the EOR niche for streamlined HR service. Our team offers expert support and technology for seamless HR operations. Expand your offerings and boost revenue. Learn more, click below.

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What you get

We offer win-win partnerships with flexible conditions. However, here we present two popular pathways to join our esteemed partnership network, each tailored to suit your specific needs and objectives. 


By becoming an affiliate, you have the opportunity to refer clients to us who are seeking our exceptional Employer of Record services. In return, you will receive a fixed commission for each successful referral.


Alternatively, if you are an international employer seeking collaboration, we can work together in a niche market to leverage our combined strengths. Through this partnership, you will not only gain an expanded professional network but also enjoy exclusive discounts for projects with substantial headcounts.

Partnership Options

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Affiliate Partners

As an affiliate partner, you will earn lucrative commissions while offering your clients a top-notch solution for their global expansion needs. Our EOR and PEO services provide a hassle-free way for companies to compliantly hire and manage employees in 110+ countries around the world. The spheres which could benefit the best: Business Consulting Firms, Recruitment Agencies, HR Tech Platforms, Legal Firms, Accounting Firms, International Trade Associations. However, the list is not strictly limited.

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International Employment Partners

We would like to extend an invitation to the partners in the EOR and PEO niche who are interested in expanding their global network. By collaborating together, we can leverage our collective expertise and resources to better serve our clients and expand into markets previously unavailable to us. Our goal is to build mutually beneficial relationships and grow our businesses while providing exceptional services to our clients.

10% revenue

For our affiliates

15% off*

*Customized offer available for large-scale projects. Contact us to discuss detailed requirements.

What are your benefits?

As an affiliate partner

Our affiliate partners earn significant revenue through our generous commission structure, with the potential for even greater earnings through our volume-based commission program. Additionally, our affiliates benefit from our reputation for excellence in service delivery, providing a strong foundation for a successful partnership.

As an International Employer partner

Partnering with us in the EOR and PEO service offers several benefits, including access to our global network, combined expertise and resources, and discount options for big projects. We prioritize professional and swift communication, ensuring that all partners are informed throughout the project. Our partnerships are built on mutual trust and respect, with a focus on achieving goals together and delivering the highest level of service and support to our clients.

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