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Expansion via Partner PEO Acvian

In todays world economy, in the time of globalization and technological development, companies of all sizes and different businesses expand internationally to diversify their assets and arrange presence in the global marketplace. There is an opportunity for any company to be worldwide known and demanded.

But you may say that EOR expansion has its challenges

And you will be right. To make your business international you must think of a full stack operations process:


All these processes occur in an unfamiliar environment for you. Maybe you even have not visited that country as a tourist, to say nothing about running a business.

What shall you start with?

As many companies worldwide you can go with a traditional scenario: to set-up a company in a foreign country, appoint directors and managers to keep the track of compliance, to manage finances and risks, to provide accurate financial and administrative reporting according to local legislation etc.

Of course, it is an option, and quite workable, however, it may turn out to be very expensive and lasting.

Are your resources sufficient for it?

How to expand overseas

We would like to show you an alternative way that will get you to your aim much faster and easier.

Employer of Record (EOR) - is your solution.

It is a bridge between the employee and the company. In other words, you do not have to set up a company in a foreign country but hire your personnel through an EOR or partner PEO agent and run your business as usual but now being international.

The EOR disposes the resources necessary to manage local payroll, employment and immigration as well as the other issues required for successful employment.

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We will help you to run the process of expanding your business internationally smoothly, cost-effectively, and safely.

From now, to be international, there is no need to set up own entities abroad and organize several departments for successful business. We will take this risk for you and facilitate entering new markets. We will relieve you from the operations routine and save your time, efforts and costs.

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What we do as EOR solution?

Being your professional employment provider Acvian will take care of your workforce overseas and all HR related questions:

  • Employee onboarding
  • Tax filing
  • Benefits compensation and expenses reimbursement
  • Local agreement drafting and approval
  • Payroll setup and calculation
  • Wages payment and payslips providing
  • Legal consultancy
No matter what destination, industry, time zone, Partner PEO Acvian will be your trusted friend to conquer the market.

Three stages that simply can lead to expansion with Acvian:

You find the best candidate anywhere in the world
We onboard the employee taking whole responsibility
You keep working and growing together with your global team

What benefits you get from Partner PEO Acvian solution:

  • Fast onboarding and getting your employee started in any part of the world immediately
  • Reduced costs and legal risks
  • Onsite local experts in labour law and payroll

With the powerful and reliable partnership base and coverage of 100+ countries, international expansion is getting achievable and easier. Acvian will become your single contact for overseas teams

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