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F.A.Q. to the International EOR and PEO

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International EOR (Employer of Record) and PEO (Professional Employer Organization) are services that enable businesses to compliantly hire, manage, and pay employees in foreign countries without the need for establishing a legal entity. EOR acts as the legal employer while PEO co-employs workers, handling administrative tasks such as payroll, taxes, and benefits.

Businesses typically need EOR and PEO services when they:


  • Expand into new international markets.
  • Hire remote employees in foreign countries.
  • Seek to streamline global workforce management.
  • Aim to ensure compliance with local labor laws and regulations.
  • Want to reduce the time and cost of establishing legal entities abroad.

Acvian can supply EOR services in over 110 countries, encompassing almost all European nations, the United States, and Canada, providing extensive coverage to support your business’s global expansion and workforce management needs.

Under EOR, Acvian manages the payroll process by:


  • Acting as the legal employer of your foreign workforce.
  • Handling salary calculations, deductions, and disbursements.
  • Ensuring compliance with local tax and labor laws.
  • Managing payroll taxes, social contributions, and benefits.
  • Providing timely and accurate payroll processing for your employees.

Yes, Acvian provides comprehensive support for expatriate EOR workers, including:


  • Visa and work permit assistance.
  • Relocation and housing support.
  • Local registration and compliance.
  • Payroll and tax management.
  • Coordination of benefits and insurance coverage.

Expats support from Acvian encompasses a range of services designed to facilitate a smooth transition for employees working abroad. Key aspects include:


  • Assistance with visa and work permit applications, renewals, and compliance.
  • Support for relocation, including housing, schooling, and local registration.
  • Guidance on local tax regulations and filings.
  • Coordination of locally compliant benefits and insurance coverage.
  • Ongoing support for any changes or issues that may arise during the expatriate assignment.

After onboarding, Acvian maintains an ongoing relationship with your business and employees, ensuring smooth payroll processing, managing tax and regulatory compliance, handling benefits administration, and providing support for any changes or issues that may arise in the employment lifecycle. This allows you to focus on your core business operations while Acvian manages your international workforce.

The onboarding process typically takes between 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the country and complexity of the employee’s situation. However, Acvian strives to expedite this process, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition for your personnel.

Yes, Acvian provides in-country or regional support for employee inquiries and assistance requests. We have dedicated managers in the countries where we support your employees, ensuring prompt and knowledgeable assistance tailored to local regulations and practices.

Acvian does not handle time record submissions directly. It is the client’s responsibility to track and submit employee work hours. However, Acvian can offer guidance and best practices to ensure efficient time tracking and compliance with local labor laws.

Employees can view their payroll details via the payslips they receive after each month. These payslips contain pertinent information such as earnings, deductions, taxes, and net pay, providing employees with a comprehensive overview of their monthly payroll details.

Acvian addresses payroll disputes promptly, working closely with both the client and the employee to investigate and resolve any issues.

Yes, Acvian requires advanced monthly payments for salaries and service to ensure timely and accurate payroll processing.

Yes, Acvian can provide consultations regarding labor and tax legislation. Our team of experts is well-versed in local regulations and can offer guidance to help your business maintain compliance, reduce risk, and navigate the complexities of international employment and taxation laws.

Acvian provides a diverse range of benefits, including but not limited to:


  • Health insurance
  • Car leasing
  • Gym allowance
  • Per diem compensation
  • Maternity leave


We can customize and offer many kinds of benefits requested by the client, ensuring that your employees receive the support and perks that align with your company culture and local regulations.

Acvian can provide private health insurance options as part of its comprehensive employee benefits package.

The monthly/yearly costs for an ‘average’ healthcare package vary depending on the specific plan and location. Acvian’s team can provide detailed cost breakdowns based on your requirements.

While Acvian doesn’t directly provide entity set-up services, we can introduce you to local lawyers who specialize in this area to assist you with your needs.

Offboarding is managed by Acvian in a structured and compliant manner. We coordinate with your business to ensure all necessary documentation, exit interviews, and final payments are completed. Acvian also ensures adherence to local labor laws and regulations, including providing any required notice periods and managing the termination process.Offboarding: how it is handled? 

Yes, Acvian is fully compliant with GDPR regulations. We collect and process personal data in accordance with the law, ensuring that data is used only for general, allowed purposes such as marketing and other legitimate business activities.

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