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Acvian is your trusted global EOR provider with HQ located in sunny Florida. We are the team of enthusiastic, digital and creative specialists who will help you to expand globally with minimum red tape and financial risks. Rely on us your main HR activities, and we will take care of your workforce and assure full compliance.

Together with our powerful partnership base we provide EOR and PEO services of over 100 countries for all business areas.

We are your competitive advantage: hire anytime and anywhere.

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Acvian mission

In the perfect world of infinite opportunities, everything is possible anywhere and anytime. It’s critical to stay agile and move forward fast in this ever-changing environment. This is what we’re working towards — the world where bridge-building between continents, ideas, and people is at the fingertips of modern society. Acvian enables all of this and more. We stand for growing companies being able to hire brilliant talent, whenever they find it

Acvian values

Acvian’s guideline principles set the foundation for the services we provide.

We believe that people are the main company value, asset and best investment ever. We work with people. We work for people. People come first.


We follow moral and ethical principles in all aspects: from decision making to interacting with colleagues and serving our clients. We care about clients’ and our reputation. Our work is based on transparency, responsibility and trust.


Professionalism is the excellence and accountability we strive to adhere to. In this challenging and fast growing space it is important to have experts you can rely on to get accurate consultancy and support. Grow your business with the right partner, who shares your vision and values.


We are passionate about our work and fully dedicated to the success of our customers and partners. We set your goals as our own assignments and go forward by working effectively to achieve it and exceed your expectations.

Why working with Acvian?

When choosing Acvian as a Global Employment Partner it provides you an opportunity to stay focused on your core business, its growth and Acvian’s team of local experts will take care of your people management all over the world.

We believe that each client has a unique situation and requires an individual approach and possibility to customize services. We are here to help you.

Data Security

Confidentiality and Data Protection are among the top priorities when choosing a PEO company. The business value of data has never been greater than it is today. Information is power in today’s Global Economy and we protect digital information from unauthorized access, human error, or breaches of any kind.

  • End-to-end encryption of each-and-every file transferred from or within our organization
  • Secured email attachments
  • Enforced internal security policies and procedures
  • Cloud protection software
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