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To meet your expectations and fit business objectives, covering essentials of successful HR management, Acvian is glad to offer the highest standard services.

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EOR service
(employer of record)

We directly hire your talents and take on the full range of responsibility: from traditional employment tasks and liabilities to full compliance with local legislation. You manage only the performance and time of the employee, the rest of operations part – is our core business and expertise.

PEO service
(professional employment organization)

Functions as a company’s outsourced HR department and provides expertise and services that the company would not deal with on its own. PEO is co-employment and sharing responsibilities with the provider.

HR and Payroll management

If you have your own company, we will support you by providing a comprehensive HR solution consultancy, payroll and tax administration. Focus on your business, and we will take care of HR administration and any other related issues.

Immigration support and work permits

Are you planning to send your employee to foreign market for onsite work? Acvian will act as your provider and sponsor for any kind of immigration support for your employees abroad.

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Package options
  Client entity required Agreement: direct or co-employment Payroll calculation and administration, payslips providing Social charges and tax compliance Leave and holiday management Benefits provision and administration Expenses claim and reimbursement Direct communication with employees Staff training
Easy Payroll Employer Agent Professional HR
Direct by Client Direct by Acvian Co-employment with Client
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