Picture this: your company is looking for a remote marketing manager based in country A or country B. You as an HR have to do a research on both countries and decide which option will result in the optimal amount of taxes for the company to pay for the new employee. Where can you source this information from, knowing that it must be relevant, reliable and shouldn’t cost you hours upon hours of precious working time? In other words, how to calculate payroll in matter of seconds?

Acvian Payroll Estimator will do the job.

Payroll Cost Calculator

What is Acvian Estimator: how to calculate payroll?


It is a tool that estimates payroll costs for workers abroad using up-to-date information on taxes. It allows HRs, Operations Managers, recruiters and PEO/EOR companies to accurately forecast the overall cost of employment in 120 countries. We use an internal database that is regularly synchronized with the latest tax regulations worldwide. The access to the tool is free – there is no catch, no premium subscription or any other type of paid activity. Payroll Calculator is a standout feature that sets Acvian apart from our competitors as we openly share it, and helping on how to calculate payroll.

Who can benefit from Payroll Estimator?


Acvian Estimator: How to calculate payroll

This practical and easy-to-use tool is a game changer for representatives of international companies willing to enter an overseas market. It saves the precious time otherwise spent on awaiting requests and official sales proposals from big providers and instantly delivers comprehensive information on current employment costs in a country of choice. It also helps predict a relocation budget for overseas project work, as in the following case:

Your company wants to send an in-house team of tech engineers to country C to install solar panels. You as an accountant need to estimate the budget required to relocate the team for a year. At this stage of budgeting, you require an up-to-date breakdown of all taxes country C will expect your company to pay for the field workers.

Moreover, Acvian Payroll Estimator helps companies evaluate the ‘trial run’ hire in newly opened overseas branches. It will also be useful for recruiting and HR specialists who want to gain access to talents abroad, as well as remote employees considering international relocation.

How to calculate payroll with our Estimator?

You can access Payroll Estimator via our website or directly by clicking here. To receive a payroll calculation, simply choose a country name and employee’s citizenship status (local/foreigner) and provide a monthly gross salary in USD or EUR. Apart from the payroll cost, you will also receive an accurate estimation of the monthly net salary according to effective tax legislation in the country of choice. In a few uncomplicated steps, our tool assists your business with making informed decisions about your global workforce and can potentially prevent costly mistakes in regard to the bottom line.

See our video instruction on how to calculate payroll and all steps needed:

What are the benefits of Acvian Payroll Estimator compared to other similar tools available online?

What services does Acvian offer to companies that require more comprehensive assistance?


An internationally expanding business that relies on remote talents overseas may find it challenging to navigate the complexities of local tax and labor legislation and bureaucratic procedures in the country of choice. It is often outside the scope of an internal team to successfully resolve these issues. This is when a reliable Employer of Record (EOR) company can step in, taking over the process of international employment and resolving any such issues expertly.

Acvian PEO/EOR service package includes the following:

Specifically, Acvian will:

In case you still have questions regarding Acvian Payroll Calculator and EOR services, contact us here.