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Country Overview

Malta is an island nation in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. The archipelago, a small but strategically notable group of islands, has played a significant role throughout its long and turbulent history in the conflicts between various powers for control of the Mediterranean and in the interactions between emerging Europe and the more ancient cultures of Africa and the Middle East. Thus, centuries of foreign control by numerous empires, such as the Phoenicians, Romans, Greeks, Arabs, Normans, Sicilians, Swabians, Aragonese, Hospitallers, French, and British, have shaped Maltese society.

General Information

  • Population: ~525.000


  • Capital City: Valetta (population: ~5.500)


  • GDP: ~$15 billions


  • GDP per capita: ~$28.000
  • Currency: Euro (EUR)


  • Unemployment: ~3.5%


  • Employer Taxes: 10% – 49.9%


  • Employee Taxes: 0% – 35%


Employment contracts in Malta

The business offers between fixed-term and perpetual terms of e mployment agreements. The maximum duration of the fixed-term contract is four years.

Probation period in Malta

A 12-month probationary period may be agreed upon. If the service is longer than one (1) month at the time of termination during the probationary period, a one (1) week notice is required.

Working hours in Malta

The typical workweek consists of 40 hours. Over the term of a 17-week reference period, the working hours cannot exceed an average of 48 hours.

Vacation days in Malta

Employees are required to work a minimum of 192 hours per year, or 24 days, plus the prorated number of hours that correspond to the number of weekends that fall on public holidays each year.

Sick leave in Malta

Each year, the employee is granted ten (10) days of paid sick time. Any sick leave claim is paid by the employer for the first three days. When ill, the employee must provide the employer with a medical certificate from a licensed physician or recognized medical facility.

Wages and Salary Payment in Malta

The agreed-upon annual wage is provided to the employee in 12 equal installments. Usually, a bank transfer is used to pay the salary at the end of each month.


The employment contract may include terms for ad hoc bonuses or fixed monthly bonuses. The employee receives the incentives and their monthly wage, with all applicable taxes deducted.

Public Holidays in Malta

There are 14 holiday days in total, 9 Public Holidays and 5 National Holidays per Annum.

Employer Taxes in Malta

Employee Taxes in Malta

Notice Period in Malta

The length of notice is based on the employee’s continuous employment:


  • Not more than one month without notice.


  • One week for more than one month up to six months, and two weeks for more than six months. 


  • Four weeks for more than two years and up to four years.


In the case of technical or managerial positions, the employer and employee may agree to longer periods. It is not possible to extend the established notice period.

Termination / Severance in Malta

Only with sound and sufficient cause or by mutual agreement may the employer terminate an indefinite term contract.


Fixed-term contracts must be terminated with a payment to avoid penalties. 50% of the salary due for the remaining time under the contract will be given as compensation.


The length of notice required for termination is based on the employee’s total years of service.

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