In today’s world, every business organization with decent self-esteem must have special deals in its portfolio. These should be complex cases, the completion of which not only gives commercial success but is a moral gain for employees and customers. That is why we will talk about what inspires – and takes much effort from – Acvian. Although we can find several examples (our actions to relocate people from dangerous regions are one of them), today we will talk about NGO hiring.


NGO hiring

Why Are NGOs So Vital


Too many unpleasant things are happening in the world that hit ordinary people, from earthquakes to wars. They all affect the humanitarian situation in the regions, the deterioration of human rights, and many more. To combat such problems, particular organizations aim not for commercial interests but to help people. However, the process of their work cannot be organized freely. It is necessary to introduce commercial management methods to support large teams, including hiring and constant accounting support for employees. Thus, we are mainly talking about NGO hiring for social workers, but various other roles are also possible.


A non-governmental organization (NGO) is a company that does business without the involvement of any authorities. Typically, it is non-profit. NGOs, also known as civil society groups, are created locally, nationally, and internationally to advance a social or political objective like a humanitarian cause or environmental regulation. 


NGOs may concentrate their efforts, for instance, on projects related to health or medical emergencies, schooling, infrastructure, the defense of minority rights, assistance to the underprivileged, and the lowering of crime.


Some most crucial facts:







How Acvian Can Contribute To International NGO Hiring


Acvian provides all services for employment worldwide, including dealing with local legislation, accounting, and payroll management. That is, in need for a non-governmental institution to have their workers in almost any country – currently, we support you in more than 110 states – we are the one to complete the process.


Sometimes the employment case may be more than complicated and can cause an enormous professional qualification for completion. It’s closely tied to the specifics of how and where NGOs work.


Often they are headed to devastated zones in the African continent or warzones. Today’s case concerns our NGO client, which aimed to help Ukrainian citizens during the ongoing war. We are proud to be a part of this goal and glad to share some insights on how we deal with NGO hiring in this rough time.


Acvian Case of NGO Hiring in Ukraine


A well-known global energy company is helping Ukraine in an energy crisis caused by the attacks of the Russian aggressor. As humanitarian aid, it provided equipment for generating and storing electricity and sent its technical specialists voluntarily to establish and maintain stations in Ukraine. The objective of the project is to provide electricity to civil infrastructure facilities. The planned stay is up to 6 months, corresponding to the region’s winter heating period. 


Acvian supported this project in Ukraine and provided employees with a complete package of EOR services. At a critical time for Ukraine, international public organizations are directly involved in helping the affected civilian population. Protection of the rights of women and children is the leading focus group in which the international foundation is engaged, spreading its activities on Ukraine’s territory. Acvian participates in the project as an EOR company; up to Ten hired employees from among Ukrainian citizens are already working on the project. Support in NGO hiring for social workers is provided by Acvian directly through its representative office in Ukraine.


Conclusion on NGO Hiring with Acvian


Global organizations, including prominent NGOs, are now faced with the specter of the possibility of going internationally, especially for those with the core company values of equality and diversity around the globe. Your team should also increase for your NGO to be able to help in different parts of the world. Hiring talents globally in complicated circumstances given by local legislation may be challenging, not to mention opening your own entity. To significantly ease the process for employers, Acvian proposes services as PEO and EOR providers. We take all the complications in global hiring ourselves and let you do business fast and efficiently. For a detailed conversation, book an instant meeting or leave your contacts, and we will get in touch.