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What we offer to those affected by war in Ukraine?

After the Russian invasion in Ukraine, ~5 mil. of refugees fled from the war-torn country. Many people run from their political regimes in Belarus and Russia as well. Since then, companies started to rapidly relocate their employees into the neighbouring countries. Relocating workers allows international global businesses to keep their team safe in the time of big changes and stresses. Acvian helps to facilitate this process and provide relocation packages to everyone affected by the war to ensure business continuity.

Relocation from Ukraine, Russia or Belarus by Acvian

Since the war started, Ukrainian citizens are allowed to travel to the European Union and move between the different Schengen states freely without a visa. Taking into account current situation, the EU has initiated a new protection scheme under which Ukrainian refugees are now granted permission to stay in the EU for at least one year with possible extension.

According to the Temporary Protection Directive activated by the European Commission all Ukrainians fleeing the war are given temporary protection in the EU, which means they are offered an access to the labor market and have the right to work in the country of their current residing without any additional permissions. Alternatively, with help of EOR agencies any business can easily hire relocated Ukrainian workers directly with minimum requirements and red tape.

Based on official statistics, most Ukrainian citizens are migrating to such EU countries as Poland, Slovakia, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Romania, Moldova and more. These countries provide a simplified procedure for immediate compliant employment. Nevertheless, it is possible to relocate employees from Ukraine to any country worldwide.

Although this war has affected Ukrainians mainly, there are many people in Russia and Belarus who are seeking the option to leave their country due to fear of possible martial law, financial instability and full isolation. Due to declared sanctions, Russia and Belarus are banned from landing in over 35 countries worldwide, mainly in Europe. However, it is possible to fly to Middle East countries such as Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia and others. Besides, based on the barrier and prohibitions Rusians and Belarusians face difficulties with visa processing in many European countries too. The most safe and guaranteed destinations for relocation remain Turkey, Cyprus, UAE, Kazakhstan, Armenia.

Being a global EOR provider Acvian serves as an official employer for your workforce in any country worldwide. We will guide you through the peculiarities of local legislation and compliance, will help you swiftly onboard employees, manage HR and payroll in the target country.

Case Study

Relocation from Ukraine to Poland

Since the war, Poland has become one of the most popular destinations for Ukrainian workers relocation. It provides a great environment for life, work and business operation.


The path of relocation and employment is straightforward. It took a few days for Acvian to help our client from the IT industry relocate their Tech Support team to Lublin, Poland.


  1. Employees come to Poland with a foreign passport (possible to cross the border by bus, train or by car). Even if it has expired, there is a possibility to extend it for 5 years directly in Poland at the local consulate.
  2. Employees apply for ID number PESEL at local authorities (urzad gminy) at the place they live. In our case, it is urzad gminy at Lublin. You can see their list live here.
  3. Official employer (Acvian) prepares employment agreement, sets up payroll, registers employees at the tax authorities and informs governmental state about the fact of employment during 14 days upon signing the employment contract.
  4. No red tape with visa D, work permit etc. The employee is compliantly hired and has all the rights per local legislation.
Relocation to Poland
Relocation to Cyprus

Relocation from Belarus to Cyprus

Our client, a US company from the gaming industry, engages 5 IT specialists from Belarus. As the war in Ukraine started, the company was looking for a solution to relocate their team members to Cyprus and employ them by using International PEO services.


Although Belarus is banned by many countries, Cyprus embassies and consulates in Belarus are affected by the war in Ukraine, visa processing and document workflow takes time and requires external support, the Acvian team managed to relocate the workforce in a swift and compliant way.


Employees can first apply for a tourist visa which allows them to stay in Cyprus for up to 90 days. Visa applications can be made online and processed within 7 working days.


In case the applicants receive deny for tourist purpose, Acvian provides support in preparation to obtain entry visa type D, that can be issued due to intention of employment.


The timeline of visa D processing is around 2-3 weeks.


Once employees receive a visa (tourist or type D), they enter Cyprus and as long as all the documents are available we get an appointment with the governmental authorities and start work permit obtaining.


Work permit may be processed between a few days up to 3 weeks, depending on the visa entry type and documents in place.

  • Original contract of employment duly signed, and two (3) copies duly stamped
  • Original blood analysis results showing that the third country national does not bear/suffer from HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C and a chest x-rays for tuberculosis (TB) from the country of origin
  • Original Certificate of Criminal Record from the country of origin
  • Original Entry Permit (M70) 
  • Title deed or rental agreement of a house/apartment duly certified by the relevant president of the community (mukhtar). In case where the total amount of the agreement exceeds 5000 euros then stamped duties must be paid.
  • Certificate of Health Insurance for medical care that covers inpatient and outpatient care and transportation of corpse (Plan A) OR Registration Certificate by the General Healthcare System (GHS-GESY) and private health insurance for inpatient health care and transportation of corpse

*The provided list of documents serves for informative purposes and can be modified upon employees specifications

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