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Country Overview

Armenia is a landlocked nation in Eurasia. It borders Azerbaijan, Georgia, Iran, and Turkey, within the intersection of Western Asia and Eastern Europe. Armenia is a rather hilly area with swift-moving rivers in the Lesser Caucasus Mountains.


It has a republican form of government, the president serving as both the head of government and the state leader. An array of personal freedoms are paired with centralized economic planning and governmental regulation in Armenia’s mixed financial system. It’s also a member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

General Information

  • Population: ~3.000.000


  • Capital City: Yerevan (population: ~1.000.000)


  • GDP: ~$12.65 billions


  • GDP per capita: ~$4.267
  • Currency: Armenian dram (AMD)


  • Unemployment: ~20.1%


  • Employer Taxes: –


  • Employee Taxes: ~22%


Employment contracts in Armenia

An employment contract is concluded:


  • for an indefinite period, if the term of its validity is not specified in the employment contract;


  • for a specified period, if the term of its validity is specified in the employment contract:


  1. the employee provides the employer with personal services;
  2. the work is performed by homeworkers;
  3. part-time work is performed;
  4. seasonal work is performed;
  5. temporary work is performed (up to two months).

Probation period in Armenia

The probationary term shouldn’t last longer than three months, yet Armenian law may occasionally impose a probationary period of up to six months.

Working hours in Armenia

A typical workweek cannot include more than 40 hours of work. Except in the circumstances set in the Labor Code, other legislative provisions, or the collective agreement, a day’s worth of work cannot exceed eight hours. The maximum amount of time that may be spent working, including overtime, is 12 hours per day (including the break for rest and a meal) and 48 hours per week.

Vacation days in Armenia

The duration of the minimum annual leave, in the case of the five-day working week, is 20 workdays, and if there’s a six-day working week, 24 working days. Upon the consent of the parties, the annual leave may be granted in parts. In case of granting the annual leave in parts, one of the parts of the annual leave shall be at least ten working days in case of a five-day working week and at least 12 working days — in case of a six-day working week.

Sick leave in Armenia

The sickness benefit to an employee is issued for the working days of the period of temporary disability, certified by a temporary disability certificate, starting from the first working day.


The employee’s temporary disability allowance for the first five working days of temporary disability is paid at the expense of the employer’s funds, which are not reimbursed, and the rest of the allowance – at the expense of the state budget of the Republic of Armenia.

Wages and Salary Payment in Armenia

Minimum wage in Armenia is set to be at 68.000 Armenian dram per month.


All wages must be paid in local AMD; all other currencies are disallowed. Any additional payments, such as bonuses, should be paid on top of the minimum wage. Work on rest days should be compensated at double the average rate of pay. All wages must be paid by the 15th of the next month, at the very least once per month.

Public Holidays in Armenia



  • December 31. January 1 and January 2 — New Year


  • January 6 — Christmas


  • January 28 — Day of the Army


  • March 8 — Women’s Day


  • April 24 — Commemoration day of Genocide Victims


  • May 1 — Day of Labour


  • May 9 — Day of Victory and Peace


  • May 28 — Holiday of Republic


  • July 5 — Day of the Constitution


  • September 21 — Day of Independence

Employer Taxes in Armenia

No taxes.

Employee Taxes in Armenia

Income tax – 22%


Amounts sent to the Military Personnel Insurance Fund:


  • Less than 100,000 AMD salary – 1500 AMD


  • 100 001 – 200 000 – 3000 AMD


  • 200 001- 500 000 – 5.500 AMD


  • 500 001- 1 000 000 – 8500 AMD


  • 1 000 000 and more – 15,000 AMD


Social Tax:


The taxpayers are persons born since 1974.


  • less than 500.000 AMD salary – 3.5%


  • 500.001-1.020.000 – 10% minus 32.500 AMD


  • more than 1.020.001 – 69.500 AMD

Notice Period in Armenia

Depending on the reason for termination, different notice requirements and procedures apply. For employees who have worked for the business for less than a year, the minimum notice period is 14 days.


For employees who’ve been in the company for more than 15 years, the maximum notice period is 60 days.

Termination / Severance in Armenia

The employment agreement may be dissolved:


1) with both parties’ consent;

2) when the agreement expires;

3) on the employee’s own initiative;

4) on the employer’s initiative;

5) in any other circumstances described by the Armenian Labour Code.

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